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We offer multiple forms of therapies to aid in your overall physical and mental well being:


     Registered Massage Therapists complete a minimum of 2200hours of hands on in class education before being apart of an association. These registered providers specialize in the full muscular system to treat overall pain, soreness, and more.

*We also offer a student option at a high discount! Students are in need of clients to achieve the hours required to finish the 2200hour diploma prior to registration*


     Bioflex Laser Therapy is a separate training through a Canadian company based out of Ontario. They offer state of the art laser therapy training and equipment - pain free, symptom free and low risk. By providing the body infrared and red light it naturally increases your bodies healing response. Best for injuries and chronic pain!


     Reflexology is a separate certification course and registration. All members must perform a minimum of 50 case study sessions and pass all entrance exams before being recognized typically through the Reflexology Association of Canada. Registered providers specialize in the feet, hands and/or head with a deep focus on organs, bodily attachments, and acupoints.


Laser Therapy

State of the art Canadian technology used to reduce pain, and increase your body's natural healing response.

Laser Treatment

Bioflex Laser Therapy

Get Bioflex laser therapy as a standalone service for that specific injury or for chronic pain. Treatments start at 15min and go up to 60min for each session. Best results recommend sessions frequently up to daily. Get a FREE consultation anytime for a custom treatment plan.


Bioflex Massage

Add Bioflex laser therapy into your next massage treatment! Great addition to save on cost and treatment time when using long term. All massage treatments are coverable by insurance and available for direct billing.

25% Discount Grey

Packages and Discounts

Get 25% our standalone Bioflex laser pricing by purchasing a 10 pack membership! These packages are the best option for long term treatment - with a 3 month expiry. Available for all time length treatments.


All treatments are completed by a Registered Reflexologist certified with the RAC. Customized treatments focusing around the foot and ankle through the application of pressure points.

Bare Feet


Get a standalone reflexology treatment for a much longer focus just on just the feet starting at a minimum of 45 minutes, the maximum length of treatment to not exceed 120 minutes (2 hours). All reflexology treatments are coverable by insurance but not available for direct billing.


Reflexology Massage

Add reflexology to your upcoming massage therapy treatment for only $10! When booking with our Reflexologist, she is also an RMT. Get that specific add on at a great rate - your feet will thank you! All massage therapy treatments are coverable by insurance and available for direct billing.

Massage Pricing *plus GST

Registered Massage Therapists
30min $55
45min $70
60min $85
75min $100
90min $115
120min $170
Treatment Add Ons- $10 per appt
Student Massage Therapists
30min $23.81
45min $30.95
60min $38.10
75min $50
90min $61.90


If you have any questions please reach out to us anytime!


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