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"Smile360 Teeth Whitening is proudly a Canadian brand of Teeth Whitening Products. We offer top quality cosmetic teeth whitening treatments using our unique European-style non-peroxide whitening gel to prevent sensitivity with little to no tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. Our clients enjoy instant, dramatic, long-lasting results of 2-6 shades brighter and whiter with each treatment. "

Female white toothy smile
Female white toothy smile

What is teeth whitening?

Smile360 uses the latest LED technology and a professional grade non-peroxide whitening gel to provide fantastic results with little to no sensitivity bringing your teeth 2-6 shades brighter PER appointment, as well as reducing staining on any crowns, veneers or other dental work.

**results differ PER person**

How many treatments does it take?

You can have as many sessions as you wish until you reach your results! After your 1st consultation you get a discounted service rate for returning appointments.

Is it safe?

Yes! Smile360s formula is peroxide FREE and Non Toxic - which is safe for all individuals including pre-natal.

How long does it last?

This question always varies person to person but in general with proper maintenance your final results can last up to 6 months.


1st Client Appointment - $105

Returning Client Appointment - $90

GST included.

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