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Add on Massage

We offer a ton of different massage therapy options! It can definitely get confusing on which one is the best fit for you. Here is some detailed information regarding each service - for more specific questions please contact us anytime.


     Cupping is the use of silicone cups best known for myofascial release. Stationary cupping results in the suction to last up to 15 minutes in one spot per cup, while dynamic cupping requires a dragging movement. Only stationary cupping can result in pain free discolored bruising in the affected area - in general it is a good starter appointment for therapeutic treatment.

Hot Stone

     Hot stone is our most popular treatment in the fall and winter months, it uses lava rocks which hold a deep heat better than any of our other tools or treatments. It can be done in relaxation or therapeutic techniques, and is the best known treatment for fibromyalgia.

Jade Stone

     Our combo stone treatment is the best of both worlds with both heated and cooled stones. Heat can increase the blood flow, while cold causes constriction. Is a great treatment to reduce muscle guarding, inflammation, and even help strengthen your blood vessels from the alternating temperatures.

Marble Stone

     Marble stone is best to incorporate into a deep tissue treatment, especially if you find you frequently have issues with swelling or inflammation during or after treatments. Using cold can reduce muscle guarding that allows for deeper or longer work in a specific area before soreness persists.


     Our most aggressive form of massage treatment, uses specialized metal tools to scrape the muscle adhesions and scar tissue. Can result in bruising that could last multiple days with tenderness. Comparing graston to all other services it is the most efficient and  beneficial for chronic and long term care.


     Similar to acupuncture, acupressure uses the points for nerve and body release without puncturing the skin. Less of a deep therapeutic or painful treatment, and is to be considered more "intense" due to the pressure applied to your nerves. Is a great treatment for stress relief, headaches/migraines and more.

Rattan (Bamboo)

     Rattan is a heated bamboo treatment, which is much more therapeutic than one would think. It uses real bamboo as well as maple wood to strip at your muscle adhesions and fascia to reduce hypertonic muscles. Can be used for relaxation treatments but in that instance hot stone would be recommended for a deeper heat.


     Raindrop is a very intense essential oil and heated treatment. Each oil is applied to the spine like dripping raindrops, followed by the calves and feet. After the spine is completed a deep heat will be applied to the back, while acupoint massage is completed on the feet and calves, once the heat is removed the treatment is finished with your custom massage requests. Oils used include raven, valor, oregano, 


     Reflexology is the focus of the feet, with acupoint release. Can combat problems such as plantar fasciitis, headaches/migraines, digestive issues, and much more. Each area of the foot is designated to an area or organ in the body. By getting a treatment tailored to your whole foot you are able to have long lasting full body effects.


     Bioflex is the name of the company who we have our laser therapy software through. It is a Canadian company with state of the art equipment AND software in aiding the body's natural healing response. Bioflex laser therapy uses Class 3B lasers, which is very different than lasers other practitioners use such as doctors or physiotherapists. It is temperature FREE and pain FREE. These lasers do not go cold or hot, and do not cause pain reducing the risk of damage by 100%* as per bioflex and current case studies. Although this treatment is also symptom free, it can occur a feeling of exhaustion if treatment is rushed or to much energy is provided within a treatment, that is why these treatments range from 15minutes to 60minutes. Low and slow is the goal! For more information head to for more in depth science behind the technology.


     Although pre-natal is NOT a treatment add on, it is a separate booking requirement within our system. Please know that NOT all therapists treat pre-natal and NOT all therapists offer all 3 trimesters. In some instances a doctors note is required on file such as for 1st trimester or medical concerns. If you book a treatment without letting the staff or system know we may have to refuse treatment at time of service that would result in a 100% charge for the treatment.


    TMJ is also NOT a treatment add on, but must be specified in the booking system OR inputted into the note section while booking. Same as prenatal NOT all staff members treat TMJ, and making us aware of what service you are looking to book allows us to ensure it is booked with an applicable therapist!





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