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Standard Massage Options

What is the difference?


     This is the lightest treatment option we offer, the light but long strokes focus most on full body circulation and calming the bodies nervous system. Typically a fully body treatment it also helps battle your bodies fatigue.


     Our most common treatment, using deeper techniques to focus on relieving more muscular tension and pain. Can be a specialized area or full body treatment perfect for that regular maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks compared to waiting for an injury.


     Deep tissue is our most aggressive and specialized standard option. Typically best for a specific area of the body currently experiencing an injury, spasm/cramp, strain/sprain or other.


     Pre-natal treatments are available for all trimesters, the 1st does require a doctors note prior to treatment. Options include side lying (with pillow positioning), or the bolster which allows for stomach positioning. Can be relaxation or therapeutic. 

**please keep in mind not all therapists offer prenatal treatment. By not choosing the prenatal option when booking online, or not telling staff at the time of booking could result in a refused treatment.**


     Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is a common problem affecting the jaw and surrounding structures. Having a TMJ focus in your treatment can include facial massage as well as intra-oral.





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